Knowledge Base

Install StartDeck

How to Find and Install StartDeck from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Start a Project

How to copy a template and start a new project

Vendor Information

How to Add Vendor Information

The Project Page

Project page overview.

Forms & Fields

How to use sidebar forms and fields

Content Library

How to save text, images and tables to your content library

Using and Merging Google Maps

How to create and insert a Google Map to your document


How to Use StartDeck Tables Tables

Signatures & Tracking

Sign and track signatures

PDF Addenda

How to add PDF addenda to a report


How to use manage images and use image merge fields

Team Docs

How to Use Team Docs

StartDeck Platform Updates


Subscriptions and Billing

How to subscribe, unsubscribe and manage billing

Customize and Brand Templates

How to Customize and Brand Templates

Appraisal Definitions

Appraisal terms defined