Standard Zoning Comparison Report

Standard Zoning Comparison Report Template

Standard Zoning Comparison Report Template


Real estate due diligence professionals can use our Standard Zoning Comparison Report template to write reports in less time with a professional template as a guide.


Template Contents

  • Zoning verification and conformance status 
  • Outstanding code violations of record
  • Certificate(s) of occupancy
  • Zoning maps
  • Special Zoning Conditions including non-conformance and right to rebuild
  • Zoning Requirements for permitted uses including height, setback, lot area and parking
  • Comparison of as-built conditions with zoning conditions


Template Package Details

  • Doc: 7 Pages
  • Sections: 11
  • Merge Fields: 81
  • Sheet:
    1. Calculations Table
    2. Google Map

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