StartDeck Demo Doc

Demo Doc

Build Automated Documents - Experiment and Learn

Build with StartDeck

Explore and create with sidebar forms, merge fields, content library, linked spreadsheet tables and maps. 


This doc provides examples of how these features work together to create automated documents.


Fields and Sidebar Forms

Automate your docs with merge fields and sidebar forms. Choose from a variety of field types, set defaults, and insert anywhere in your doc. 


With form driven docs, reports can be produced faster with fewer errors and more consistently.


Linked Sheets, Calculated Fields, Images, Maps and Tables

Linking Docs with Google Sheets, we can send data back and forth, populate tables, calculate values, and automatically create Google Maps.


Template Package Details

  • Doc: 12 Pages
  • Sections: 12 Topics
  • Merge Fields: 18
  • Sheet: 
    1. Sample merge fields
    2. Table template
    3. Map template
    4. Style Guide

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